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Want to get out of the office, and outside in nature? As Stormwater Managers we get to enjoy spending time outside at various Construction sites throughout California. We have projects in the Sierra Nevada's and even along the California Coast.

What are we typically looking for?

  • Full-Time, Permanent employees

  • Stormwater Inspector (no experience necessary)

  • QSP, QISP, and QSD's

  • Team Player

  • Good Driving Record

So what is Stormwater Management on Construction Sites?


Good question, not many people know! Basically any site that disturbs 1+ acres of soil is required to obtain a Stormwater Construction General Permit from the State of California. Lucky for the ecosystems in California, the regulation surrounding Stormwater Management is very strict.

Did you know that Stormwater Pollution is a HUGE source of pollution? Well, that's why we are here because it's a big problem, and California requires that a trained professional in Stormwater Management oversee construction sites (the permit mentioned above lists out that requirement). In addition, the permit requires these sites to obtain a SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) that's written by a Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) - which we write in house!

Most of the time contractors don’t have the certifications (or the time) needed to be the Stormwater Manager, so they often look for Subcontractors (that’s us!) to help them stay compliant with local and state regulations.

Most sites require a Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) to oversee the implementation of the SWPPP, and will consult a Stormwater Inspector to help assist with these Inspections. Here at Tully Group we are looking for Stormwater Inspectors (no experience needed), QSPs (need minimum 2 years of Stormwater Experience, and must pass CISEC or equivalent and QSP exam, can also self-certify if you are a PE), and QSDs (4-7 years of experience, pass CISEC, QSD, and CPESC or equivalent exam, can self-certify if you are a PE).

Why work for Tully Group?

  • Outstanding mission - protect Local Water Quality!

  • Small Business - we know your name, and you’ll become a part of the family

  • Benefits - health/dental/vision/life, paid leave (you start at 26 days of paid leave), 401K

  • Good Pay - Without experience or education, we start our employees at $18 per hour (this goes up with education and experience)

  • Work Environment - what’s better than getting outside? Inspectors are in the field most days of the week. Our office environment is also fun, but we're clearly biased.

  • Flexibility - have a life outside of work? We get it. We give you the opportunity of flexible work hours, working from home (not applicable to all positions), and are relaxed about vacation leave (accrual-based system, just ask with at least 2 weeks notice)

We are a small business with around 30 employees located out of Dixon, California. At Tully Group we pride ourselves with taking care of our employees while providing outstanding service to our clients. We gain insight from Tech Companies over in the Silicon Valley to create a healthy career and working environment. We also have highly regarded Civil Engineers in the office. The fun part is that we are a Small Business, so you have a direct impact on changes that happen in the company.

We have lots of work! If you’re motivated to work hard, and enjoy getting outside I couldn’t recommend a better place for you.

Who is Tully Group not for?

  • If you don’t like being outside

  • If you don’t have a good driving record

  • If you like to work a traditional 9AM-5:30PM (Inspectors like to get up early to avoid traffic)

  • If you don’t like hiking

  • If you don’t like interacting with Construction crews

  • If you don’t like writing Reports

  • If you don’t like driving

  • If you prefer working for a large company

Looking for an Admin position? We always have our eye out! Feel free to drop an application.

If you would like to learn more, we suggest you take a look at our website, and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We understand that this subfield of Civil Engineering isn’t well known, but there’s a huge opportunity for careers in this field. We are excited to be ramping up our Educational Outreach, so stay tuned for fun content!

If you’re interested in helping save the Earth, getting out of the office, and pursuing a lifelong career, then I invite you to apply at www.tullygroup.com/apply

For more information, please visit https://www.tullygroup.com/post/looking-for-a-career-think-stormwater-management

Hope to see your application!