Want to have a positive impact on water quality in Northern California?

Tully Consulting Group is a Stormwater Management and Civil Engineering Firm located in Dixon, California. We provide Stormwater Inspection and Qualified SWPPP Developer services to a wide variety of clients. Our team is involved with projects ranging from highway work to wetland restorations. 

We have an office of around 30, so we are a smaller business; but that's why we love it here! Being a small company means that we have a very strong and close-knit team that enjoys working hard and working towards our common goals. We all strive to provide excellent services, and preserve water quality. 

This subfield of Civil Engineering isn't well known, but there's a huge opportunity for careers in Stormwater Management. We have a diverse group of people from the fields of Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Geology, Biology, and more. This field is a perfect way to combine a passion for the Environment with technical skills and experience-based knowledge, all while earning a livable wage.

What is Stormwater?

The EPA and California Waterboard define Stormwater Runoff as water that collects from rain or snowmelt that flows over land or impervious surfaces (like paved streets, parking lots, and building rooftops) and into a water body or storm drain system. 

Stormwater is not absorbed into the ground, and flows directly into bodies of water in most cases. This potential to pick up pollutants and concentrate them downstream is why stormwater runoff is the #1 source of water quality pollution.

“Best place I’ve ever worked at by far. Welcoming environment with flexibility, great benefits, and opportunity to learn and grow. Family owned business that makes you part of their family, not just an employee number; owners are always readily available to encourage you."


Abel Bermúdez — TCG Project Manager & CSU Sacramento Alumni

What does Stormwater have to do with Construction?

Since Stormwater does not percolate into the ground, it picks up pollutants on its way to various water bodies. For example, California has very sensitive creeks, rivers, and streams that can be impacted by the pollutants brought in by Stormwater Runoff. These water bodies are important to protect not only for the ecosystems they harbor but for our own safety.

Construction sites often dig up a lot of soil and contain hazardous materials (sediment is the #1 stormwater pollutant and is pretty serious business). The processes involved with construction are notorious for being messy. Concrete waste, for example, is a toxic substance that we don't want getting into our water. 

So, States like California have put in place Stormwater Management regulations (I.e. the California Construction General Permit) to help Construction Sites keep our water clean. This permit details the requirements a site needs to remain compliant and keep stormwater clean. Since many contractors are extremely busy with running multi-million dollar projects, they don't have much time to dedicate to following the regulations. 

That's where we come in, we are professionals in the field of Stormwater management, and help contractors follow the permit to keep their Construction Site clean and following local and state laws. The services that we commonly provide are Weekly and Storm-Associated Inspections, sampling stormwater that leaves the site, creating the Stormwater Management Plan, and advising our clients on erosion and sediment control design.

Who are we looking for to work at Tully Group?

It's extremely important for us to create a diverse workforce with people from all walks of life. Ecosystems need diversity to be healthy, and we believe the same applies to our team of professionals. That's why we look into hiring individuals with varied backgrounds and life experiences in addition to their education and technical accomplishments. 


We are always looking for like-minded individuals who are passionate about the environment. From Estimators to Stormwater Inspectors, we have a wide variety of positions. While we are very thankful to have a full team with limited seats, we are still open to growing the company should the right candidate come along.

"TCG is a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. It provides a great platform to learn and explore new places, technology, and work environments. TCG is a family-friendly organization that cares about their employees, they go above and beyond on emphasizing a healthy work/life balance.


It's amazing to be part of an organization that understands the importance of supporting and investing in their people. TCG is great in not only committing to the clients they serve or the environment but the employees they hire.


I am more than proud to say I am part of the TCG family."


Alex Bermúdez — TCG Stormwater Inspector & CSU Sacramento Alumni

Why choose Tully Consulting Group?

  • Outstanding Mission: Protect local water quality and prevent pollution!

  • Small Business: Our team is our family. We listen to you and value your impacts on the company.

  • Benefits: Health, dental, vision, life insurance, profit-sharing, and 401k plans are available for full-time employees. Full-time employees are also granted 10 days of accrued vacation leave, 5 sick days, and 11 paid holidays at the start of employment.

  • Competitive Wages: Inspectors start at $18 per hour; rates increase with education and experience. Admin positions start at $15 per hour.

  • Flexibility: We value your work-life balance. You can work flexible hours--from home if applicable--and we are relaxed about vacation leave.

  • Work Environment: Inspectors explore the great outdoors of Northern California most days of the week, and spend the rest of their time in the office. Our office is fun and casual, yet professional. Staff have assigned desks, and get a space to call their own. We even have office dogs that keep us company and are a pet-friendly workplace!

  • Employee Appreciation: We participate in several Employee Appreciation Events throughout the year like attending sports games, hosting a holiday party, Mother’s & Father’s Day celebrations, and more.

  • Snacks & Coffee: Do you like to eat and stay caffeinated? Us too! We keep an inventory of simple snacks, coffee, and miscellaneous treats to help make the day a little better. We also like to provide our employees with company lunches once or twice a month.

What would make you a good fit?

  • You admire a small business setting - If you want to grow with us and have a positive influence on how our business develops, look no further than TCG!

  • You have a good driving record and like road trips - Inspectors drive to and from our clients’ sites and the office, which can put a lot of miles on our company vehicles (P.S. We have limited TCG Cars, so driving your own car might be necessary)

  • You prefer flexible work hours - Inspectors like to wake up early to avoid traffic, where office staff tends to work traditional 9 am - 5 pm or similar shifts. The choice is yours!

  • You appreciate the outdoors - Inspectors visit sites throughout Northern California from the Bay Area to the Foothills.

  • You’re fond of hiking - Being in the field keeps you on your toes--literally! Proper inspections require lots of walking throughout sites.

  • You enjoy interacting with construction crews (or people in general) - Our clients perform everything from bridge replacements to highway development and you are an integral part of the construction process.

  • You don't mind paperwork - Inspections must be accompanied by paperwork that documents sites and informs our clients of our findings.

"Tully Consulting presents you with numerous opportunities to learn and grow within the company, regardless of your background and past experience.


I have gained an invaluable amount of knowledge in my time here and am looking forward to many more years!"


Emily Hayes — TCG Project Manager

Want to apply?

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