We are a Civil Engineering and Stormwater Management Firm, which means that we have a pretty broad variety of services. Our specialty services include our SWPPP's, WPCP's, Stormwater Inspection for Construction Sites, and Water Quality Monitoring for 401/404 Permits. Essentially, we can do everything your site needs in regards to Stormwater Management. 

Our team is very knowledgable and has extensive experience in the California Stormwater Construction General Permit. We are commonly hired as a Subcontractor on behalf of the Contractor, to either satisfy a DBE, SBE, or WBE requirement and/or to serve as the Stormwater Manager for that project.

On a typical project, we provide the SWPPP or WPCP, serve as the Water Pollution Control Manager, provide weekly inspection, perform rain event inspections (Pre-, During-, and Post-Storm), take samples of discharge leaving Risk Level 2 and 3 sites, provide the quarterly and annual inspections, amend the SWPPP/WPCP throughout the course of construction, assist with the NOI and NOT process, input data into SMARTS, and perform the Annual Report. 

And, on many of our projects that work in or near a water body, we assist our clients with the applicable permits and perform the Water Quality Monitoring as needed. For these projects, we often provide the Diversion and Dewatering Plans as well. 

Why should you use Tully Group? We are a small business that specializes in Stormwater Management. Having been in the Stormwater Industry for many years and serving as the Water Pollution Control Manager for over 600 projects has allowed us to learn how to effectively implement the Construction General Permit. We've worked in various Caltrans Districts, and understand surrounding regional requirements. The benefit of hiring a professional business can reduce costs of potential fines caused by noncompliance. In addition, we try hard to be a great business to work with, in the field and in the office.


A more complete list of our services is listed below. If you need a service and do not see it listed, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Estimating Team who can investigate if this is a service we can provide or send you a referral. 

Stormwater Management  & Civil Engineering Services:

  • Water Pollution Control Managers

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Water Pollution Control Plans (WPCP)

  • ESCAPE Plan

  • Stormwater Inspections

  • Inspection Reports

  • QSP, QSD, QISP and Stormwater Inspectors

  • Rain Event Action Plans (REAP)

  • Annual Reports

  • NOI and NOTs

  • Assistance with SMARTS Reporting

  • Industrial Stormwater Inspection

  • Industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Stormwater Management Oversight

  • MS4 Monitoring and Reporting

  • Stormwater Modeling

  • Stormwater Post Construction Treatment Design

  • Environmental Protection Plans

  • Dust Control Plans

  • Spill Prevention Plans

  • Dewatering Plans

  • Creek Diversion Design

  • SPCC Plans

  • 401 Water Quality Certification Monitoring

  • Water Disposal & Treatment Plans

  • Municipal MS4 NPDES Monitoring

  • Planning & Compliance Services

  • Sediment Erosion Control Plan

  • Erosion Control Plans

  • Grading & Drainage Plans

  • Low-Impact Design

  • Water and Sewer Plans

  • Road Design

  • Parking Lot Design

  • Stormwater Post Construction Design

  • Sustainable Site Design

  • Hydrology

  • Hydraulic Modeling


We are a Submittals powerhouse producing hundreds of quality SWPPPs, WPCPs, and other plans each year.


Our professionally trained stormwater inspectors monitor your site to meet California's requirements.



We've got the qualified experts to keep your site compliant.


Our skilled Civil Engineers ensure the quality of our practices, and that our team continues to be the best they can be.