We are a Stormwater Management and Civil Engineering firm located out of Dixon, California. Robin Tully, PE, QSD, and President of Tully Consulting Group (TCG), founded our company in 2005. She initially provided traditional Civil Engineering services, but when the new California Stormwater Construction General Permit was released, she dove into the Stormwater field. We really enjoy the combination of environmental and civil engineering work.

Stormwater Management has since become our main focus. Our company provides comprehensive SWPPP Inspection, Monitoring, and other Stormwater Management services to a wide variety of clients, both public and private. Typically, we’re hired as a subcontractor by the prime contractor on a project to provide SWPPP services and/or to satisfy a DBE, WBE, or SBE requirement. Tully Group Stormwater Inspectors, QSPs, QISPs, QSDs, and Civil Engineers work to implement the Stormwater Construction General Permit and Industrial General Permits to keep our clients compliant.

We also have a small team dedicated to Civil Engineering work, so if you would like more information about these services, please get in contact with our Estimating Team (estimating@tullygroup.com).

TCG Civil Engineers and QSDs develop the SWPPPs and Environmental Plans needed while the Inspectors and QSPs implement the plan on-site. We assist our clients with the permitting process; writing the WPCP, SWPPP, Creek Diversion, Dust Control, ESCAPE, Erosion Control Plan, or other Plans as needed; perform the Weekly, Quarterly, Annual, Pre, Post, and During Storm Inspections with the corresponding Sampling Reports; prepare the Annual Report; draft Winterization Plans; perform SMARTS Data Entry; sample and monitor for 401/404 In-Water work; communicate with regulators; assist with closing out the permit, and practically anything else you will need to manage stormwater on-site.

Our team has grown to over 30 employees over the last 15 years. We have worked on various Caltrans projects, wetland restorations, creek diversions, bridge replacements, etc. On a typical project, we prepare the SWPPP or WPCP, serve as the Water Pollution Control Manager/QSP/QSD, provide weekly inspections, perform the rain event inspections (Pre-, During-, and Post-Storm), prepare Rain Event Action Plans (REAPS), take stormwater samples, provide the quarterly and annual inspections, amend the SWPPP/WPCP throughout the course of construction, assist with the NOI and NOT process, input data into SMARTS, and perform the Annual Report.

On many of our projects that work in or near a water body, we assist our clients with the applicable 401/404 permits, perform the Water Quality Monitoring as needed, and provide any Diversion and Dewatering Plans as well.

It’s extremely important to us that we properly train our team. We want to provide high-quality Stormwater Management services and hire a select crew of candidates. Effective training is needed to be able to give quality advice. From the start, when someone is hired at Tully Consulting Group, they go through some pretty rigorous training, and throughout their employment, we provide weekly team training as well as attend various workshops, CISEC courses, safety, driving courses, QSP/QSD training, and more. We’ve prepared our own Tully University for internal training uses to keep our employees well versed in the classroom training.

What kind of projects have we worked on?

  • Caltrans Highway Work

  • Wetland Restorations

  • Road Improvements

  • Bridge Clean-Up

  • Flood Capacity Improvements

  • River Restorations

  • Fish Ladder Installation

  • Vertical Construction

  • Industrial Facility Construction

  • Batch Plants

  • Creek Diversions

  • Bridge Replacement

  • Drainage Improvements

  • Sustainable Construction

  • Bioretention Projects

  • Residential Construction

  • Park and Trail Improvement

  • Shoreline Restoration

  • Fire Damage Repair

  • Erosion Repair

  • Levee Repair

We provide Inspection and QSD services within a 2-hour radius of our main office in Dixon, California. Occasionally, we can accommodate further distances if we have other locations on the route that is near your project. Common locations that we service are listed below…


Sacramento, Oakland, Napa, Esparto, Clearlake, Chico, Placerville, Auburn, Hetch Hetchy, Merced, Stockton, Fresno, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Jose, Fremont, Hayward, Marin, San Francisco, Pacifica, Winters, UC Davis, Elk Grove, Modesto, Napa

If you have any questions about our services, please reach out to our Estimator's by calling

(707) 693-1926 or emailing estimating@tullygroup.com. Our certifications are listed below.


DBE/WBE #38300

SBE (Mirco) #60919, Exp. 1/31/22

DIR REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1000024960, Exp. 6/30/22






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