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Updated: Mar 31

Holy moly, our Admin Team is busy. We feel extremely grateful for the work, and at the same time, a little (just a little) overwhelmed. We just opened up this Office Intern position as an experiment for the summer. And, well, we loved it. We genuinely looked forward to when our Office Intern would come to the office to lend us a helping hand.

Our previous Intern is going back to school, and we miss her already. We're looking to hire another. It's a pretty straightforward position helping us keep the office clean, disinfected, and organized. Our Office Intern helped us with keeping our office supplies and snacks ordered and well-stocked (we're a hungry office). They helped keep our common areas tidy and assisted with both the Estimating and Marketing departments.

We're looking for someone who is friendly, calm, can follow a daily routine, listens well to instructions, checks and responds to emails professionally, is a team player, and performs their work well. Being timely and reliable is also a huge plus, as we excitedly wait for you to arrive for your shift to help us complete tasks on our To-Do lists.

In my opinion, it's a great part-time job for a high school senior or college student looking to work between classes. Or, if someone is studying Marketing or Business, it's a great way to see how our office functions in it's most basic forms.

What's our COVID-19 Preparedness and Prevention Policy? We're more than happy to share. Please send an email to careers@tullygroup.com for a copy of the policy. Due to the nature of this position, the Office Intern must work at the office under the guidelines outlined in our policy. Safety first! Your health—and that of our team—is incredibly important to us.

All who enter Tully Consulting Group must wear a mask unless seated at their desk or eating. Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to report any symptoms of illness upon entry. Most employees are working from home, so we have limited staff working in the office. Interviews for this position will take place via Video Conference Call.

Here's an example of what your day might look like, the times and projects vary based on your shift. We always have fun projects brewing in these departments...

10 AM – Office Upkeep

  • Disinfect Common Surfaces

  • Remove Clutter

  • Put Away Clean Dishes

  • Restock Snacks & Drinks

  • Open Blinds

  • Take out the Trash/Recycling

10:30 AM – Office Ordering & Maintenance

  • Check Supplies for Snacks, Paper, etc.

  • Place Orders, if needed (e.g. Costco, Quill, Amazon, etc.)

  • Go to the Store, as needed

  • Check the Office Mailbox

  • Restock Bathrooms

  • Water Plants, as needed

  • Break Down/Recycle Boxes

  • Organize Stored Supplies

11 AM – Estimating Department Assistance

  • Answer and Respond to Emails

  • Prepare Binders

  • Update Proposal Templates

  • Order Insurance

1 – 1:30 PM – Lunch Break

1:30 PM – Marketing Department Assistance

  • Organize Marketing Merchandise

  • Order Client Gifts

  • Order Business Cards

  • Send Thank You Cards

  • Prepare Birthday Cards

  • Prepare for In-House Events

  • Email potential new clients

4 PM – Office Upkeep

  • Disinfect Common Surfaces

  • Remove Clutter

  • Start Dishwasher

  • Clean the Sink

  • Empty & Clean coffee pots

  • Restock Snacks & Drinks

  • Close Blinds

  • Take out the Trash/Recycling

4:15 PM – Take Binders or Shipments to UPS

  • Restock stamps, if needed

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Read on to the more boring job description (but seriously please read it).

Job Description

This is a temporary part-time position at 20 hours per week. Under general supervision, the employee is expected to perform a wide variety of clerical and cleaning work of a general and routine nature, as well as perform related duties as required.

Some of the typical duties of the Office Intern include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Type a variety of documents such as email correspondence, reports, and data entry using computer software like Google Suite, Microsoft Office, and Adobe; proofread materials for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

  • Answer phones and determine how incoming calls should be routed; answer routine questions; explain routine procedures, processes, or departmental activities.

  • Assist the Estimating Department by sending out proposals, processing contracts, assembling binders, etc.

  • Assist the Marketing Department with filing, social media posts, client outreach, event coordination, etc.

  • Clean and organize the office; disinfect and sanitize surfaces; run dishwasher; take out trash; restock and organize stored supplies as needed, etc.

  • Order products for the office and clients; products include office supplies, business cards, snacks, client gifts, etc.

  • Assist with mail correspondence; drop off outgoing mail to UPS; receive and distribute incoming mail at TCG; purchase shipping materials as needed

  • Assist with Coronavirus Preparedness and Prevention, such as performing temperature and symptom checks on all visitors and employees

Non-exempt at $15 per hour

This includes Sick Leave and Holiday Pay

Paychecks are distributed every other week, with timesheets being turned in every other Friday.

Overtime pay: Time and a half

The hours are flexible. Normal workdays are Monday through Friday, non-holidays, and non-weekends. General hours can be 7-3:30 with 30-minute lunch, 8-5:00 with 60-minute lunch, or any variation as needed. Part-time hours are also optional for employees that need to go back to school. Flex times are available for employees that may need to drop off

or pick up children from school, etc.

On rare occasions, weekends or holidays may be required for emergency work situations; holidays will be paid at time and a half and weekends will also be paid at time and a half if the hours are overtime.

You will be expected to work the appropriate hours in order to carry out your responsibilities. It is the policy of Tully Consulting Group, that as far as possible, extensive working hours above the norm will not occur.

We hope that our association will continue for a substantial period of time, but we recognize that the future is inherently uncertain and that assurances of permanent or continuing employment are not feasible. Accordingly, in accordance with our standard policy, employment will be “at-will”.

This position is contingent upon our satisfaction with the results of:

  • Background Check

  • Driving Record Check

  • Criminal History Check (to be performed in accordance with Federal, State, and Local Law)

  • Reference Check(s)

We are an equal opportunity employer. For more information about Careers at Tully Group, click here.

To apply, click here and follow the instructions

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