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Project Owner: Caltrans, District 3

Contractor: Flatiron Construction

SWPPP & Stormwater Inspections: Tully Consulting Group

This project is located on a stretch of Highway 50 that spans I-5 to Watt Avenue in Sacramento. Comprehensive highway improvements, including the addition of HOV lanes in both directions, pavement rehabilitation, bridge widenings, sound and retaining walls, and more should be completed by 2024. The total estimated size of this project is 350 acres—that's a LOT of work!

Receiving waters include the nearby American River. And while it is not currently established as being impaired for sediment, it is known to have beneficial uses as a cold, spawning, and migratory habitat. Fish species that thrive in this habitat include Salmon, Shad, Trout, and Bass.

Flatiron is a pleasure to work with...Thank you to Flatiron for doing a great job!

— Juan Landeros-Mireles, QSP

Juan Landeros-Mireles, QSP, is handling inspections for this site. He told us that he is glad to be working with Flatiron Construction on this exciting and huge project. He said that the contractor is a pleasure to work with for a variety of reasons; among those are their responsiveness and acceptance of SWPPP matters and recommendations.

This project is prepping to install support columns for elevated HOV lanes along the overpass sections of the highway. Next steps also include pouring concrete for sound and retaining walls in residential portions of the site. Still in its early phases, many more updates for this comprehensive project are yet to come!

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