Tully Group 2018 STEM Scholarship

Summer is coming to an end, students are soaking up the last bits of break, and some recent high school graduates are preparing for their first year of college. It’s an exciting time of year. Along with the adventures of setting up a new apartment and picking out classes, our new college students are laying eyes on their college tuition. We at Tully Consulting Group wanted to help with the financial investment of college, and decided to offer our very first scholarship. We opened up the scholarship to 2018 Dixon High School graduates pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math (STEM). We asked applicants to write an essay about how they intend to use a degree in STEM to improve the world.

After reviewing several excellent applications, we selected three recipients for the 2018 STEM scholarship- Katelyn Hurtado, Jacob Giardino, and Izabell Ramirez. Katelyn Hurtado is attending UC Davis pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science and minoring in Neurobiology. In her essay she wrote about her little brother and the disabilities he developed due to a brain bleed at birth. This experience inspired her to learn about the effects of his trauma, and educate those around her. She wrote, “As I grew up, I struggled as I watched people exclude my brother from society. I knew that if others could understand why my brother is the way he is, they would be more accepting and kind. For the next few months, I read books and searched online to educate myself about my brother’s multiple disabilities…Through my research, I developed an interest in how the brain works as well as different types of disabilities that exist. This curiosity has helped to guide me into figuring out what I want to be in life: a neuroscientist.” She explained that even during high school she volunteered her time at the UC Davis MIND institute.

The next recipient, Jacob Giardino, will be attending UC Santa Barbara to study Biological Sciences. He wrote about the day that his brother had his tonsils removed. Giardino noted how the anesthesiologist played a huge role in creating a more calming experience for his brother and family. He said, “I have shadowed an anesthesiologist and learned more about what they do on a day-to-day basis. Being in the hospital only further motivated me, and made me more passionate about being an anesthesiologist, and that is exactly what I will do through the study of biology.”

Our last recipient, Izabell Ramirez, will be attending the University of the Pacific to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences. After shadowing a dentist in Dixon, and visiting Haiti two times with a dental team she decided she wants to become a Dentist. Ramirez wrote, “On those trips, we pulled hundreds of teeth that were beyond repair. We did not do anything else besides pull teeth because their teeth were already damaged to the point of needing removal.” She described the trips as life changing experiences as she helped comfort patients throughout the process. “These trips have allowed me to realize that there is more to life than just what kind of clothes I wear, who I hangout with, or any kind of social media. Coming back from each of these trips has been extremely difficult, but has allowed me to find value in the important things and people around me,” she wrote.

These incredible young adults have inspired us, and encouraged us to think a little differently about the world today. We wish them the best of luck in their college adventures, and to Never Give Up as they work towards their future. We would also like to thank them for sharing their stories with us, and for being inspired to make a positive change in the world. Congratulations!

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