Toys 4 Tots 2018

Tully Group has decided to participate as a Toys 4 Tots drop-off for 2018. We are very excited to see what we can do for this incredible organization.

Dixon’s Toys 4 Tots began 51 years ago, and provides blankets, coats, toys, and food to those in need. This year they are expecting between 800-1100 people, most of them needing blankets and coats to stay warm.

Here is some information about the Dixon Toys 4 Tots Program:

  • Dixon Toys 4 Tots provides for about 250-300 families (about 800-1100 people, 500 of them kids)

  • They only provide for Dixon residents, in particular they make sure that candidates that do not have food get priority (but all who come get served)

  • Every single coat that gets donated goes to someone and gets used

  • They give out approximately 800-1000 coats a year

This is what they are asking for this year…

  • Coats- new or lightly used, all sizes/styles fur lined coats are highly requested, for special needs children, Toys 4 Tots Dixon needs about 400-500 more to meet their goal

  • Blankets- new or lightly used, many kids do not have their own blanket, and shared with siblings

  • Shoes- Last year only one pair was donated. A boy came in with shoes that were falling apart, and was so excited about his new shoes that he ran outside without his new toys.

  • Socks- The same boy with the shoes did not have socks, and they were somehow able to find a pair that fit him

  • Games- Something for the whole family to play during the holidays

  • Toys- new and unwrapped, all ages

Last pick-up will be on December 19th, 2018.

Please consider donating one of the above items, and share our future Facebook posts with your friends. You WILL be making a difference if you donate something, especially if it is a coat.

We are excited to help our community this year, and hope that you can contribute something!

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