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Updated: Mar 31

This project, owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, is located in Sunol California, and contracted to S.J. Amoroso Construction. The project comprises approximately 36 acres and aside from the Sunol Water Temple, is mostly undeveloped.

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A large scale public center aimed at "complementing the existing natural and built environment" is to be constructed at this site (SF WATER). The upcoming building is set to be a LEED Gold Net-Zero Building, which means it will produce Net-Zero carbon emissions and feature environmentally friendly elements.

This facility is intended to foster an appreciation for the nearby Alameda Creek by including a display exhibit area, freshwater stream profile aquarium, discovery lab classroom, and more.

In addition to this educational center, a 2.5-acre trail with a pond feature, pathways, and intermittent stream is to be constructed throughout the surrounding area. Finally, existing infrastructure and natural areas are to be removed or restored.

Tully Consulting Group prepared the SWPPP for this project, which falls under CASQA Risk Level 2 requirements. Tully Group is also carrying out inspection services until the completion of the project. Additional services include providing Rain Event Action Plans as needed, and recommending Best Management Practices for erosion and sediment controls.

Brandon Book, QSP, and inspector for this project commends S.J. Amoroso Construction and superintendent Horace for being awesome!

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Our experience spans 15 years with a wide variety of private and public projects under our belt. Take the guesswork out of Stormwater Management and reach out to us.

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