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Updated: Mar 31

We only have one earth so let's protect it! There are so many beautiful places to go where we are surrounded by plants and animals, but they need your help! We are looking for Drain Rangers to help us protect these animals, plants, and streams so they can grow strong and healthy.

There are times where we haven't been so nice to earth. We are seeing lots of animals and plants feel sad because of this, some are endangered or threatened with extinction. They are in danger because of trash and litter, yucky chemicals in the waterways, and some don't have a place to call home. Each and every one of you can come together and help make the change to keep earth happy and clean.

While this can be frustrating, we are happy to let you know that there's something you can do! You can become a #drainranger. Complete our program, send in your requirements listed below, and wait for your certificate and sticker in the mail! Read more to learn how you can help save the earth and become a Drain Ranger!

Vocabulary Word: Stormwater, rainwater produced by a storm.

What is stormwater you may ask?

As rain gets heavy enough to fall from the clouds it hits the ground and starts forming a little stream leading into a gutter. As soon as that army of water droplets touches the ground it is now known as stormwater. Stormwater drinks up all the gross chemicals and picks up pollutants from streets, the top of your houses, and yards. Sometimes we can't see these pollutants because they are non-visible such as chemicals from medicines and fertilizers, but they can also be visible like with gas leaks or oil spills on the streets. Stormwater pushes all of those pollutants leading them into streams, rivers, or oceans hurting many fishes, frogs, and many other water creatures that we love.

Vocabulary Word: Pollutant, something that is bad for the environment.

What are some common Stormwater Pollutants?

  1. Sediment (AKA dirt) - this is the #1 source of Stormwater Pollution

  2. Trash

  3. Cement Waste (we work on Construction sites a lot)

  4. Soaps

  5. Gas & Oil

Can you think of some other pollutants that you might find in Stormwater?

What happens when stormwater picks up pollutants?

Watch the video below to find out what happens when too many pollutants get moved by stormwater. All the pollutants get concentrated in a waterbody and make it yucky. See how the dirty water mixes with the clean water? This is how stormwater pollution works in the world.

Would you want to swim in this water? We think it's pretty gross. We definitely don't want our wildlife to live in this kind of mess!

What Can You Do to Help?

Now that you know a little more about stormwater and the dangers that come with it, what can you do to help? We've created a list that not only helps reduce stormwater pollution but in general helps improve water quality for us all.

  1. Keep a fat jar under the sink for any fats/oils from cooking (don't pour these liquids down the drain, it clogs them!)

  2. Take really yucky chemicals like leftover paint and oil to the appropriate recycling facility & make sure they're properly covered and contained if they're left outside in the rain (better is to move them in the garage)

  3. Flush only toilet paper and natural waste down the toilet - think of the human who has to unclog the mess at the Sewage Treatment facility YUCK

  4. Pick up trash outside when you see it (and when it's safe)

  5. Use biodegradable/environmentally-friendly soaps and cleaners when you can

  6. Help clean up your backyard, especially before it rains. Make sure chemicals are covered and cleaned up. And, even better, plant a rain garden!

  7. Learn about the critters downstream and respect them. We all share this planet and we should be mindful of our actions on other species!

  8. Become a Drain Ranger!


Become A Drain Ranger

What's a Drain Ranger? I would say being a Drain Ranger is just like being a superhero! Drain Rangers help protect water quality by helping make sure that clean water goes down the drain. They help fight away pollutants.

As a Drain Ranger, you are vowing to do your best to prevent Stormwater Pollution by cleaning up after yourself, taking care of plants and animals, and encouraging others to do the same! How good will it feel to help all the water animals and insects in our streams? You can make a big difference by helping keep mother earth clean.

How to Become a Drain Ranger

Complete the three training requirements below to become a Drain Ranger. Remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and most importantly have fun!

  1. #TRASHTAG Go out to your local park, backyard, or other outdoor space and clean up some trash. Take a picture of your accomplishment as proof for your #drainranger application! Remember to have a parent/guardian nearby, wear gloves, don't pick up sharp objects, and wash your hands with soap and water when you're finished*. IMPORTANT: Please fill out our Liability Waiver here before you start your clean up, and be sure to attach the filled out form to your email.

  2. #DRAWIT Draw a picture of what Stormwater Pollution is & write about some things that you pledge to do to help keep our Stormwater clean. Take a picture of this creation and email it in along with the other requirements!

  3. #ECOBOTTLE Create a miniature watershed! Grab an old jar or water jug, fill the bottom with a few rocks, add a layer of soil, plant some seeds or small plants, add some water, and place the top on. You can also add in some sticks and bark. Set in indirect sunlight and watch the ecosystem grow! For more information, you can watch our tutorial by clicking here. Take a picture of your Ecosystem in a bottle and include it in your email!

Email all of this information along with your name(s), mailing address, and phone number to and we will mail you back your Drain Ranger Badge and Certificate.

You may also mail all of this to Tully Consulting Group RE: Drain Ranger Program 1650 N. Lincoln St. Ste. A Dixon, CA 95620

Feel free to post your pictures on social media and encourage everyone to keep stormwater clean by using the hashtag #drainranger and #tullygroup. You can also tag us in your creation @tullygroup, we're on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

*due to COVID-19 we suggest that you avoid highly public areas and be very careful about the trash you clean up. For more information about preventing the spread of COVID-19, please see the CDC's guidelines.

Had some fun? Please share this activity with friends and family! It's a fun way to work together to learn about Stormwater pollution and contribute to something positive.

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