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STEM Scholarship 2021

Supporting the community that supports our work is a big part of our company's mission. Our President & Vice President, Robin & Rick, go out of their way to make sure that Tully Group is involved with plenty of local events and organizations.

Our team volunteers for Dixon Family Services & Solano RCD, participates in the May Fair parade & auctions, sponsors girls' softball teams, and more! This time of year, we take part in the Dixon High School Scholarship program, where we provide scholarships to two graduating seniors with aspirations of a career in STEM.

Why STEM? Because without STEM, there would be no TCG!

Biology research has helped our government determine that water quality and ecosystem preservation is important, and has lead to regulations that gave way to our company. Technology and chemistry has allowed us to sample and test for non-visible pollutants that tell us to identify corrective actions on our job sites. Engineering allows us to create designs that minimize impact and prevent erosion. Underlying Mathematics always plays a role in our work, whether it be with the physics of a slope and sediment type, risk assessment, or the computations in our sampling devices.

—Kaeli Tully, Marketing Director

This year, we received 11 applications from students seeking scholarships, each with their own reasons for pursuing an education in STEM. One student aimed to become a Forensic Psychologist, where another wanted to create software to support people with disabilities. While every student's story is special and unique to their important life experiences & goals, two applicants stood out to us.

First was Ulices Aguilar, who worked tirelessly to succeed academically while supporting his family socially & economically. Pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, Ulices wants to invent computer hardware that will be used to revolutionize the technology industry, and just make the world a better place. He strives to "be remembered as one of the most innovative engineers," and we certainly hope he can do just that!

Kyla Maghoney, our second scholarship recipient, was inspired by her time spent in the hospital at a young age. She seeks a degree and career in pediatrics, and plans to use her education to help babies and children from all backgrounds receive proper health care. To Kyla, working as a nurse will allow her to have the biggest impact on child patients, since nurses support their patients both medically and emotionally throughout their stay in the hospital. No matter what her child patients are going through, Kyla is determined to "bring some sunshine into their world."

We look forward to continuing our tradition of community involvement—including presenting scholarships to graduating Dixon High School seniors. Every year we are pleased to learn about the passions and accomplishments of local students, and we cannot wait to see where their educations and careers take them.

We wish every student the best of luck as they move on to the next chapter of their lives. Congratulations Class of 2021!

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