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The Interstate 680 (I-680) Northbound Express Lane Project will widen I-680 in Alameda County by constructing a 14-mile-long northbound high occupancy vehicle (HOV)/Express Lane in the corridor.

The Project is intended to provide a number of benefits including:

  1. Enhanced mobility by reducing traffic congestion

  2. Reduced travel time and improved travel reliability

  3. Reduced congestion-related accidents, thereby enhancing safety.

The Express Lane will maximize available HOV lane capacity by offering solo drivers the choice to pay a toll electronically to access the lane, while regular carpool/carpool eligible users will be able to use the lane at no cost.

The proposed Project consists of the following primary improvements:

  • Addition of a new continuous-access express lane

  • Installation of electronic tolling equipment and signage

  • Widening of existing paved surfaces in the median and to the outside of the mainline

  • Construction of auxiliary lane

  • Modification of overcrossing to construct tie-back wall at the abutment

  • Demolition and replacement of overcrossing

  • Widening undercrossing

  • Construction of retaining walls at various locations to accommodate the northbound widening

This project has been running since 2017 and is projected to be completed in 2021.

Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc. is the Prime Contractor. They've recently been implementing their Winterization Plan to prepare the project for the rain. It's extremely clean and maintained.

Tully Consulting Group prepared the SWPPP; provide QSP/QSD services including Rain Event Action Plans (REAPs), Stormwater Sampling and Analysis, Weekly Inspections, SWPPP Amendments, and Pre-Storm, During Storm, and Post-Storm Inspections; serve as the Water Pollution Control Manager; and prepare the District 4 Annual Report among various SWPPP-related tasks.

Brandon Book is the current Water Pollution Control Manager on the project and has done an excellent job meeting up with Caltrans, identifying stormwater management corrective actions, and addressing erosion and sediment control needs. He has been a great professional contact for this project.

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