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The ROUTE 128 AND 121 EMERGENCY LNU COMPLEX FIRE REPAIRS project is located on State Route 128 from below the Lake Berryessa Monticello Dam in Solano County to north of the Nichelini Winery in Napa County and on State Route 121.

A very massive fire burned around Lake Berryessa causing major damage to several private structures, utility poles, metal beam guardrail, drainage systems, two Soldier Pile retaining walls, roadsign signs, existing trees and vegetation, and other Caltrans highway items.

There are approximately 22 miles of highway right-of-way impacted by the LNU Fire in this contract. There are additional miles of highway impacted and covered other under contracts.

Project work includes the following, and will be determined via Design-Build with public safety the first orders of work;

  • Tree trimming and removal to clear burned and damaged vegetation

  • Replacement of metal beam guard rail

  • Replacement of two existing Soldier Pile retaining walls

  • Replacement of roadside signs, markers, etc.

  • Replacement or repair of any damaged culverts or inlet structures

  • Placement of Permanent Erosion Control

  • Temporary Water Pollution Control

  • Traffic Control

  • Utility Pole and Line Work (By PG&E, AT&T, and others)

As this is an emergency project, a full set of project plans and specifications have not been developed. Work is anticipated to continue into 2021.

Receiving waters for this project include Middle and Lower Putah Creek, Lake Berryessa, Conn Creek and other tributaries into Lake Berryessa.

The Prime Contractor for the project is O.C Jones & Sons, Inc. with Selby's Soil Erosion Control installing erosion control. O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. is managing the project and has crews working on the Soldier Pile Walls and culvert repairs. Selby's Soil Erosion Control is providing the hydroseeding, fiber roll, and silt fencing and has special experience in fire damage repair work. T & S is providing tree removal services.

Tully Consulting Group is providing the following services and plans...

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

  • Weekly Stormwater Inspections

  • Water Pollution Control Manager

  • Pre-Storm, During Storm, and Post-Storm Inspections

  • Stormwater Sampling & Analysis

  • QSD/QSP Services

Check out our recent video on our LinkedIn where we capture Selby's Soil in action - click here to watch them spray hydraulic mulch as erosion control on this project

Have a project coming up? Ask for a proposal for our SWPPP services by emailing or calling (707) 693-1926

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