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This is one of our Fire Restoration projects for Caltrans with Team Ghilotti. It is an emergency project located on State Route 12 in Sonoma County, and on State Route 29 in Napa County.

A massive fire burned this year around Sonoma and Napa counties. It caused major damage to several private structures, utility poles, metal beam guardrails, drainage systems, roadside signs, existing trees and vegetation, and other Caltrans highway items.

BMPs installation is in progress throughout the project

Starting September 27th, 2020, the Glass Fire burned through 67,484 acres, destroyed 1,555 buildings, and damaged 282 buildings. It has now finished burning and has been 100% contained.

Restoration work is in progress to remove burned and damaged vegetation, replace metal beam guard rails, replace roadside signs and markers, replace damaged culverts and inlet structures, repair pavement, and place permanent erosion control on burned or disturbed soil areas.

Team Ghilotti and Selby's Soil have done a great job throughout this fire restoration, and have installed fiber rolls and wood mulch to prevent erosion and stormwater pollution. Selby's Soil will be applying hydraulic mulch to prevent mudslides and rockslides in severe burn areas that have minimal vegetation.

Tully Consulting Group has prepared the Emergency WPCP and is providing SWPPP Inspections - including rain events and weekly inspections.

Fun Fact: Construction has been arranged to leave as much existing vegetation as possible, as vegetation provides soil stabilization and runoff infiltration!

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