Rain is in the Forecast

Updated: Mar 31

We've got a sizeable rain event predicted for this weekend. This is the first rain of the season and may produce 0.5" to 1" of rain. Rain is predicted to land on Friday early morning!

Our Inspectors are in the field getting Pre-Storm Inspections out early for you so that you have time to prepare. And, will be sending out Winterization Plans, as necessary, for sites that require them. In the meantime, it's a good idea to put together a rain event game plan. 

For all DISTURBED SOIL AREAS prior to rain;

  • Place erosion control on inactive areas (e.g. blanket, plastic, hydroseed)

  • Only leave open what you can easily button up prior to a rain event

  • Install permanent erosion control on finished areas

  • Use a combination of effective sediment and erosion control BMPs on disturbed soil areas and slopes  

For all GENERAL HOUSEKEEPING prior to rain;

  • Cover concrete washouts and waste bins

  • Put chemicals into secondary containment and cover

  • Street sweep

  • Check and clean inlet protection

  • Check materials out of flow lines e.g. ditches, gutters, waterways

  • Remove or cover/berm stockpiles (can use hydraulic mulch to stabilize)

  • Put construction entrances/exits at yards and entrance to dirt areas

  • Think about blocking off access areas that will be muddy

  • Have plastic supplies on hand

  • Clean up any spills

  • Clean sediment from check dams

  • Pick up or cover waste piles

  • Clean flow lines and gutters

Prepare RAIN EVENT SUPPLIES prior to rain;

  • Schedule hydroseeding/hydraulic mulch

  • Erosion Control Blankets

  • Plastic

  • Gravel Bags

  • Fiber rolls

  • Silt fence

To access weather for your site visit weather.gov

If you need advice, get in touch with your Stormwater Inspector, QSP, and/or QSD. Call us at (707) 693-1926 and we can get you in contact. Or, email estimating@tullygroup.com and they can connect you as well. 

Providing your own SWPPP Inspections? Make sure you get your Pre-Storms and REAPs out. If things get crazy, our team is ready to pick up your project on their route. Our cost is minimal relative to the overall cost of the project, and we can help you out by taking a lot of paperwork and sampling off your shoulders. 

Click here for a FREE Printable "Getting Ready for Rain" checklist

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