Project Finishes Up in Pacifica

Updated: Mar 31

One of our Bridge Replacement projects is finishing up over in Pacifica. This project started last year in 2018, and is getting ready to close out. Tully Group's Emily Hayes and Mary HIll worked on this project. Emily was the Water Pollution Control Manager, and Mary was the SWPPP Inspector.

This project involved the replacement of an existing pedestrian overcrossing over Highway 1 in Pacifica, CA. Tully Group wrote the Water Pollution Control Plan, performed Stormwater Inspections, and served as the Water Pollution Control Manager. This was a Caltrans project located in District 4. Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc. was the contactor for the Bridge Replacement.

Here's the news release from Caltrans announcing the official replacement of the bridge:

Details along the bridge that highlight the coastal environment nearby.

The bridge warranted replacement once the existing overcrossing's structural integrity was severely degraded due to the surrounding marine environment.

Project work included the construction of the new overcrossing, demolition of the existing overcrossing, drainage improvements, ADA improvements, and final landscaping with native plants. The structure was finished with ocean-themed details to compliment its location.

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