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Updated: Mar 31

This winter was the wettest on record, and it's been relentless ( Before everyone gets their hopes up for clearer weather, we wanted to remind our clients that there is still more rain predicted in the forecast through the first weeks of April. To help you gear up for spring, we prepared some tips to help you keep your site compliant during this deceptive Spring weather and to help you kick some butt once the weather dries up.

1) Line up your BMP's ahead of work, order supplies early

Do you have fiber rolls, silt fence, and other BMPs specified in your SWPPP/WPCP? Get them ordered and ready to have on hand ASAP. Common BMPs you should have onsite include: fiber rolls and/or silt fence, gravel bags, inlet protection, spill kits, portable concrete washout, appropriate tarps to cover materials, etc.

Are you starting up a new job with us? Ask us about our new SWPPP Kit, complimentary to our clients who are utilizing our inspections services*. Includes some basic first aid items as well as some absorbent socks and pads for the minor emergency spills you may encounter.

2) Check the extended weather forecast- a couple of days of sunshine doesn't mean we're in the clear

We got excited too, with the recent 70 degree weather. But, we aren't quite out of the rainy season. Keep an eye on the weather because it could, can, and has changed last minute.

What are some good weather resources? Of course, you can't go wrong with good ol' NOAA ( We also like Wunderground ( and AccuWeather ( Please check several weather resources before making a decision, as we all are aware that weather predicting is a complicated process that can at times be unreliable and inconsistent. Don't put too much stock into weather forecasts beyond 7 to 10 days.

3) Don't open too much soil right now since we are still experiencing showers

Avoid too much soil disturbance because rain is still predicted in the forecast. If you want to avoid high turbidity and fines, we highly recommend keeping soil disturbance to a minimum until the weather clears up (think mid to late April). We understand how tough this is, but remember that clients hire us to help them remain compliant- we are your consultants here to protect you. We want to help. $10,000 worth of BMPs can save $100,000 or more in potential fines.

4) Get the appropriate permits secured prior to starting construction

Before starting construction, secure necessary permits ahead of time such as the Construction Stormwater General Permit, Dewatering permits, Grading Permits, Dust Control/Air Quality Permits, etc. Make sure that owners have also secured the necessary environmental permits such as 401 Water Quality Certifications from the State Resources Control Board or Regional Board, 404 or other Army Corps permits, Flood Control Agency Permits, Fish and Wildlife Permits, etc. Many permits require at least 30 days advance application or longer for more complicated environmental permits. Feel free to give our office a call if you have any questions about permits. We've had a large variety of projects that can help us advise you on how to go about the process.

Do you need a permit? Head over to

5) Get SWPPP's prepared ahead of work

Many Qualified SWPPP Developer's in the area are completely swamped with work due to the intense amounts of rain. We are no exception, and are working our hardest to get you all of your needed SWPPP's, WPCP's, and any other Environmental Plans. Luckily, we are just about caught up, just in time for California sunshine and construction season. Send an email over to if you have any questions. We are excited to say that our Submittal Team is going strong and is equipped to pump out whatever you need.

We want to get you out there working as soon as we can, so don't forget to have that SWPPP ready before you start disturbing soil. Our plans have very important information for your job site. Let us help you start off on the right foot. You're supposed to have this SWPPP prior to working, we want to remind you to wait until you have the official SWPPP.

If you need a SWPPP, it takes 1-2 weeks to get one out to you depending on the project specs and rain in the forecast. We don't want to rush our work and pride ourselves with producing consistent quality work. This adds on some time to our estimate, but rest assured that we are reviewing our plans carefully for the details. It's better that we take our time to do it right.

6) Submit any Dewatering and Diversion Plans prior to work

These are tricky plans, call us at (707) 693-1926 if you have any questions. We do a lot of in-water work and can help you out. Stay tuned this summer for a blog post on In-Water work!

7) Call your QSP/QSD before starting construction to get on the same page

That's right, we want to talk to you. Don't hesitate to reach out. You hire us to help you out! It's better to be proactive, we've seen the latter and trust us when we say it's not a fun story.

*Note, applies to new jobs only

Are you willing to let Tully Group display a banner on your construction site? Email us at and we would be happy to zip tie a banner on your site. We appreciate the opportunity for marketing our services!

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