NOAA's newest update

Updated: Mar 31

Have you tried to access your tried and true NOAA Forecast Weather Table Interface lately? If so you have probably noticed something different. When you click on the link you now see a page that looks something like this...

That's not the Forecast Weather Table Interface that we are familiar with. You now have to enter the location data, for a second time, and then click on the "Printer friendly link" button.

We reached out to Brandon Roosenboom from the State Water Resources Control Board to find out if this was a permanent change or a glitch in the website. He reached out to NOAA for further information. They responded quickly and explained that they had to update their website to run on a new web farm.

Unfortunately, the databases, servers, and code that worked behind the scenes on the old site are no longer available. All traffic is now directed to this new page. But, all information from the old page is available on the updated page, just in a slightly different format.

Fortunately, our team found a shortcut to make it easier to access this 7-day forecast. Simply navigate to and plug in the necessary location data (you can also click and zoom in on the map if you don't have coordinates). Then, click on "Permanent link for this location" and bookmark this page with the saved coordinates for easy access.

My preference is to click on the "Printer friendly link" and bookmark that page as it has the 7-Day Weather Table Interface that is similar to the previous interface.

We are required to use this forecast for all of our stormwater triggers, so it's very important that we can have convenient and reliable access to the service. Thank you Brandon and NOAA for responding to our inquiries!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your inspector.

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