• Angelina Morgan


Project Owner: San Diego County Water Authority

Contractor: OHL USA, Inc.

SWPPP: Tully Consulting Group

This article was co-written by Angelina Morgan & Mae Shulman.

This project is approximately 90.79 acres and is located in the Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego, San Diego County, California. Yes, you read that correctly—this huge project is almost ninety-one acres! The site can be found south of State Highway 52 and east of Route 15 within an open space preserve within the City of San Diego. A new underground flow regulatory structure is being constructed to help monitor the water system’s flow of untreated water. It will be able to hold up to five million gallons of untreated water.

This project is part of a suite of projects called the Mission Trails Project located in the western portion of the park. Work started on March 6th, 2020 and is expected to continue till January 28th, 2022. Construction on for this massive project includes creating a 4.88 million gallon buried concrete water reservoir, installing a flow control facility and several hundred feet of welded steel pipes for water transportation.

Since this ongoing construction project is located in a public hiking spot, certain trails in the western portion of the park are closed during construction hours. If you're a San Diego local, however, you can still get your hikes in! Just keep an eye out for trail detour & closure signs, as well as an updated trail map (SD County Water Authority).

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