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Updated: Mar 31

All of our Tully Group puppies have HUGE personalities, and they really help us get through our day. Many of us can agree that seeing the tug-of-wars and giving belly rubs throughout the day makes work easier! By popular request, the TCG marketing team has collaborated with Taylor Shulman to make these stickers! Thank you to the entire Tully Group team for your awesome ideas and creativity.

Yes, I know, we're really extra. We definitely took pictures of our puppies in hard hats and vests and turned them into a graphic, and then printed them out using Sticker Mule to make stickers. If you want one, email and we'll mail you some. We love our doggos!

Ollie, her human is Kaeli:

Hi friends! My name is Ollie. My best friend is Olive, and we play at work all day. We sit by Tucker, who really wants to be my friend, but boys have cooties, so yeah, gross. My favorite thing in the whole world is belly rubs! I'm a snuggler, too. And, I do some cool tricks.

Zemo, his human is Ginel:

Hi, my name is Zemo!

I love to go for walks with my mom and eat sticks I find. I’m a very good protector of my house and I always bark anytime I hear or see anything outside. But, don’t put me on the ground with other puppies because when it comes to being face to face with danger, I will probably start screaming and crying. I love my family very much, but I love them the most when they give me pieces of their food, pupachinos are my favorite. My bedtime is 8:30 and I am not happy when I have to stay up later than that. Even puppies need their beauty sleep!

I live a very happy life with my human and cat family, but I still think it would be better with a little more chicken.

Olive, her human is Sierra:

Hello! My name is Olive (or Ollie but that's my BFF's name, too, so I have to share it). I love everyone's food but my own, especially if you gots a cheese stick! Every day, I steal my buddy Tucker's food and he hecka lets me so it's fine.

I absolutely love my office friends! Both humans and pooches must be greeted daily or the world implodes (it's true, my mama said so) and if my besties aren't here I wander around searching for them ALL day.

My brother Murphy wishes that he could come to the office too but he is kinda a jerk sometimes and I'm special so HA! Also, I am a master bug hunter. I like to bring mom cockroaches at night and gross her out but my favorite is sitting by the door at home or work and eating the flies that sit on the window. I sneak.... and sneak... and then SMACK my flat face into the door and get 'em.

So bottom line: I'm super cute and I am available for your bug hunting needs.

Betsy, her human is Emily:

Hi! My name is Betsy and I'm a Basset Hound that lives with my mom and dad in North Carolina. My favorite things to do are track scents with my powerful nose, chase squirrels, and eat lots of Greenies...usually in that order! I spend most of my days napping in my bed next to my mom's desk while she works. Sometimes I wish she'd play with me instead, but she tells me she has to work so she can buy me lots of treats and toys!

Buddy, his human is Robin:

What? What did you say? An interview? Cut an old man some slack, and let me take a nap.

Well, my name is Buddy and I can't really remember if I'm 18 or 15. I've been in the Stormwater Industry for some 15 years, right by Robin's side through all of it. I consider most of the other office dogs my enemies, they come into my office and try to say hi while I nap… so I scream at them.

I also have a very low tolerance for many of the employees in the office. I like the ones that give me pieces of their lunch, and let me nap on their lap, but some guys started a rumor that I’m creepy! I don’t like them and they know it. Other than that I am pretty much the king around here.

She-Ra, her human is Kelly: (AKA “Princess of Power”)

She-Ra is a 10-year-old brindle Pitbull mix who could very well just be the best pup in the world. As a puppy, she was one of the fastest, highest jumping, and high-energy dogs out there. As a mature adult, she is honing her skills as a crotchety old boss lady. Her hobbies include carpet scootin’, tomato and peach eatin’, and bubble wrap murderin’.

Though she’s beginning to slow, when she sees something she loves or decides it’s time to play, her wild side kicks in and she goes “crazy dog”, throwing caution to the wind. When this happens, you’d better look out, because she’s been known to topple more than one person. It might just be her personality, but some say it’s connected to her two different colored eyes… and the fact that one is an eerily light blue.

Perhaps she has a split personality, perhaps at this point she can claim dementia, or perhaps she just likes to mess with you… we may never know, but we love her feisty side and enjoy the infectiousness her energy can bring!

She-Ra has two obsessions in life: squirrels and balloons. We dare not say the word “squirrel”, for fear of triggering her maniacal side. She hasn’t caught one yet, but she has come really close dozens of times! We’re pretty sure the reason is she’s only in it for the chase. Balloons, on the other hand, she delicately grips in her teeth and carries around like precious treasure. At parties, we have fondly dubbed her “party train” as she will carry the same balloon around for hours… weaving in and out through groups of partygoers, bringing festivity wherever she roams.

Anyone who’s ever met her in person knows how much She-Ra likes getting in your “personal business”… and males know to wear an athletic cup when they visit. We don’t know how much information she gets with her trademarked “greeting”, but we do know she’s an excellent judge of character. The fact is, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, so know that you’ve been sufficiently warned… and judged.

She-Ra’s best asset is her smile. Yes, dogs aren’t known for their displays of emotion, but if you’ve seen She-Ra happy, you know what I’m talking about. I’d like to say she lights up a room, but honestly, her “smile” appears as a frightening grin: she bares her teeth and her ears go back as she breathes heavily and heads right for the person she’s happy to see. There’s nothing quite like it, and only a privileged few have been fortunate enough to witness it. Trust me, you are among the elite if you’ve experienced the infamous She-Ra smile… you lucky dog!

Willow, her human is Kelly: (AKA “Fireball”)

Willow is a 4-year-old red-nosed pit-bull, who actively works on her buff physique. She enjoys chasing away every airplane that dares approach her yard (not one has ever been brave enough to land- they are no match)! Her ferocity extends not just to all flying objects (birds, balloons, and drones), but ANYTHING with wheels or a motor (skateboards, bikes, remote-controlled vehicles, vacuums, and even dremels)- she will be sure to save you from them all!

She is a stay-at-home cat-Mom, whose baby (Lucy-Fur) thinks the world of her; you will often find them cuddled together in a heaping hairy love-fest. If she weren’t so busy with home life, she’d make a great sled team dog, as her exhilaration for adventure is boundless- literally NOTHING will hold her back!

She aspires to be the best lifeguard there is, certified by the school of life. She’s more than willing to leap into the fray, biting anyone “accidentally” jumping in a pool. And she will boss orders from the safety of dry land, because… well… pools are scary.

She is especially protective of her family, and must always be as close as possible to them.

Snuggling is her superpower; “lap dog limits” and “personal space” mean nothing to her. It may start out subtly, but if you’re in her vicinity, it won’t be long before 60lbs of fuzzy love is in your lap. If it weren’t physically impossible to merge with another being, she would become one with the world. And for extra bonus, if you hear something sounding like a growl, you’re in for a treat – this is her famous “love snort” and you have been chosen as the object of her affection!

Tucker, his human is Mary:

My name is Tucker. I am 1 year old. **bark bark bark*** sorry I heard a noise outside. I like to play with my best friend who makes weird growling noises and likes to bite my lip. I try to play with this old white creature and another black and white creature but they always yell at me. **bark bark bark** sorry I thought I saw a kitty kitty. I love to play with my toys. My humans hate the squeaky noise that they make. I love to run and run and run. I looooove food. The food the humans give me is much more yummy than what is in my bowl.

Right after I met my new humans, I had to go to the doctor when I was a little pup because I wasn't feeling good. I had to stay in the hospital for a few days but was able to come home on Christmas day. I recently had to go back to the doctors. Now I have this weird thing around my head, and I feel like something is missing, but still haven't figured out what.

I love going to the place with all the other dogs and run around. ** bark bark bark** sorry that flying creature keeps getting away, I will get it one of these days! I like to play in the pool and in the mud. I'm always so excited to be outside and play and go on walks and smell new smells. Every time I see my humans, my tail moves around A LOT. I love my humans very much!

Got to go, I have to go bark at the scary human with the hat and shields on his eyes and hairy face.

Piper the kitty, her human is Karen:

Piper came to me after taking a wild ride in the undercarriage of one of the inspection vehicles. Apparently, she had been in the undercarriage of the car and rode from Dixon all the way up to Calistoga, then down to Napa and on to Cordelia when Brandon was finally convinced that he was hearing a cat.

He pulled her from the undercarriage and tucked her into his jacket for the ride back to the office. Upon arrival, Kaeli put her straight into the sink for a bath, the poor little thing was literally crawling with fleas! I took her to the vet on my way home from work that day to get her checked out and all that good kitten stuff.

She was a little malnourished, the vet gave her some meds and flea treatment and we went home. Within a few weeks she came down with ringworm...ugh! And she shared with us. We had to do two months of twice weekly Sulphur dip treatments, that was NOT fun, smelled like a giant had broke wind inside my house!

She has been happy and healthy since. She wants to be brave, but she's just a bit of a scaredy cat, mostly she's a floofy ball of love and ready to eat anytime!

Grace, her human is Karen:

(she is a Rat Terrier)

I adopted Grace when she was about a year old from friends. Before she came to me, she had a dog sister, a cat brother, a human sister, brother, and parents. When she was just a pup, she was sleeping in the yard one day and didn't see a car coming...she suffered a broken hip and leg.

She still has the metal plate in her leg. Despite being run over, she remained a happy girl, always excited to see her humans. She sticks to me like glue and follows me everywhere...E V E R Y W H E R E! She bows down for pets and belly rubs and is happy to go for walks or be a couch potato.

She thinks she is the boss of all the dogs and is a toy hog. She doesn't see the point of fetch! When she plays she will turn her butt to you and do a donkey kick, she has kicked the cats many times, they don't like it very much...

When she was about seven she suffered a diaphragmatic hernia, her stomach, and nearly all of her intestines had pushed through into her chest cavity. She had to undergo emergency surgery at UC Davis Vet Med. After a few weeks, she was her happy self again. She takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

I call her the $10,000.00 Dog...LOL! She is 11 now and slowing down a bit, but still a joyful little pup! She loves coming to the office with me until we walk in and she remembers all the puppies that are there. She knows who's got treats in their desk and who will stop what they are doing to give her pets.

Kona, a loved member of the Tully Family:

In Loving Memory

Kona Tully

October 2009 - April 2020

An avid fisherman, professional nap taker, and ultimate goof ball, our Kona Bear was a phenomenal Golden Retriever and friend. His mellow and loving energy is deeply missed. He greeted everyone in the morning with a funky howl and brought so much joy to those who met him. We miss him so much. May he live on in Dog Heaven.

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