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Even though this time of year is our time to thrive, who doesn't miss the summertime? This week we are taking it back to a quick project from the summer!

The HMA (type A) and Roadway Excavation is located in South Lake Tahoe, California. The project consists of the removal of old AC pavement and placement of new HMA pavement at the Caltrans Maintenance Facility in Meyers, El Dorado County, CA. Caltrans, in collaboration with Chaffee Construction, completed the project within a few weeks. It ended at the end of July 2020. The project had less than 1 acre of disturbed soil area.

Temporary gravel bag berms were utilized where needed to control run-on and run-off. There was a lot of digging so a gravel bag berm was placed over a drain to prevent any sediment from going into the drain.

A gravel bag berm is a series of gravel or sand filled bags placed closely together on a level contour to intercept sediment and run-on. The gravel bags pool the runoff on in the desired location, allowing the sediment to settle out and release runoff slowly as sheet flow, preventing erosion.

Mary Hill, the inspector for this project said Caltrans and Chaffee Construction were on top of their BMP installation and maintenance. All BMPs were set according to the WPCDs by the first day of the project. The crew was kind and great to work with. In the end, this quick project was very well executed (and just look at that view)!

This picture shows the end result of the repavement

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