Hitting Milestones in Esparto

Updated: Mar 31

One of our Highway widening projects up in Esparto is in it's final stages of stabilization at one location. We have been performing the inspections for this site since September 2018 and prepared the SWPPP.

This is an example of proper scheduling, good erosion control, and BMP installation. They have blanket on the creek banks, fiber roll along the perimeter, and riprap throughout the turn. This is all to help prevent stormwater erosion of the creek.

Some positive attributes about the site:

  • Minimal trackout

  • Rain gauge on site to monitor rainfall

  • Properly installed fiber roll to present discharge into the waterway

  • Riprap installed in the waterway and along sensitive slopes to prevent erosion along creek bed and levees

  • Proper usage and installation of silt fence to help prevent discharge and/or to direct the flow of water


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