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Since our last project highlight for Fyffe Avenue, O.C. Jones & Sons has made significant progress. Some notable developments include the completion of the temporary detour road, the realignment and reconstruction of a segment of the Golf Course Road, and the 170,000 cubic yard embankment fill.

That's a lot of development since we started inspections in mid-November; at this point, it would seem that the project is nearing the end of Phase 1. Phase 1 establishes the foundation of this project, where Phase 2 comprises most of the core construction including the bridge and main roadway.

There's plenty of exciting things going on during Phase 1, especially when it comes to the huge amount of embankment fill. In layman's terms, "embankment fill" is basically construction-speech for "a large pile of dirt that raises the height of a road".

In technical terms, the US Dept. of Transportation defines "embankment fill" as "a volume of earthen material that is placed and compacted for the purpose of raising the grade of a roadway (or railway) above the level of the existing surrounding ground surface".

This type of earthwork makes for a perfect erosion control example.

O.C. Jones & Sons called in Selby's Soil Erosion Control to handle the stabilization for this project. After the soil was deposited and compacted, the soil surface was roughened using a method called trackwalking. Selby's then sprayed erosion control products onto the surface of the slopes in a general 3-step process:

  1. Tackifier

  2. Straw Mulch

  3. Tackifier

Each layer of tackifier sandwiches the straw layer, which ensures that it sticks to the slopes and effectively prevents erosion throughout the rainy season. In the video below, you can see straw being applied on top of the base layer of tackifier before the final layer of tackifier is applied.

We're looking forward to continuing to keep this site compliant and free from Stormwater pollution. Here's to Phase 2!

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