• Mae McGuire


Project Owner: Caltrans, District 10

Contractor: Myers and Sons Construction, LLC

SWPPP & Stormwater Inspections: Tully Consulting Group

This project is located on State Highway 140 near the South Fork of the Merced River Bridge in Mariposa County. Rock talus that sloughed off the Merced River canyon wall will be stabilized via the installation of a cable net drapery system. Prior to the installation of the cable net drapery system, approximately 72,000 cubic yards of rock debris will be excavated from the site.

Due to this project's close proximity to the Merced River, minimizing rock-fall into the water is what this job is all about. The cable net drapery system will hang vertically along the slope, as well as be molded to fit the face of the slope. Once the drapery is installed, rock will be removed from the top down.

Equipment needed for this project include excavators, dozers, loaders, ten-wheel dump trucks, and a drill rig for geotechnical work. Oh, and helicopters! Myers & Sons Construction has been using helicopters to ferry their construction equipment and subcontractors to and from the top of the slide area. Our Stormwater Inspector Abbagail, QSP, got to carry out her visual stormwater inspection from the skies, which is pretty neat!

Working with Myers and Sons on this project has been an absolute pleasure. We are very grateful for the responsive and proactive stormwater management work they've been carrying out at this unique site.

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