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The EROSION CONTROL, ROADWAY EXCAVATION, AND TRAFFIC STRIPING project is located on Route 84 in and near Redwood City and La Honda, California.

This is a mitigation project that implements both permanent erosion control and stormwater treatment measures along the highway to reduce stormwater pollution. The work involves installing erosion control measures including wire blankets, hydroseeding, and bioswales along the existing roadway shoulders in the project area to reduce sediment discharge from unstable slopes and capture trash from roadway runoff.

The site has several Environmentally Sensitive and Species Protections Areas and is within/near habitat for...

  • California red-legged frog

  • San Francisco garter snake

  • Woodland woollythreads

  • San Francisco dusky-footed woodrat

  • Santa Cruz black salamander

  • California giant salamander

  • Migratory and non-game birds

  • Owls and raptors.

The project has been determined to be a Risk Level 2. Receiving waters for the project are Cordilleras Creek, La Honda Creek, and San Gregorio Creek that lead to the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

We're working with Disney Construction, Inc. as they complete this Caltrans project. Brian Yeraka, QSP is on this project. They've been very responsive to SWPPP work, and have kept the site well maintained.

This project is pretty awesome because it involves repairing a rockslide and installing advanced erosion control to stabilize the slope. They had to drill anchor bolts into rock to be able to secure the Cocomat blanket and then placed metal fencing on top of the Cocomat to further stabilize the slopes. The progression of this installation has been very interesting.

In addition, this project is directly addressing resident concerns regarding flooding and lack of maintenance on the road. This project is planned to significantly improve upon these concerns through the implementation of bioswales to assist with flood prevention.

Thanks, Disney Construction, Inc. for choosing Tully Group!

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