Creek Diversions Explained To The Every Day Person

Where did the creek go?

Remember those heavy rains that we had over winter? During a heavy storm creeks can overflow and scour the surrounding areas. Too much scouring can lead to landslides. This particular job had a temperamental creek running underneath a bridge along a major highway. When this creek filled with fast flowing water it eroded away the slopes that were supporting the bridge. This construction team had to divert this creek and place erosion control measures along the slopes.

To divert the creek the team went upstream during the dry season, and diverted the creek through a diversion pipe. Now that the water is diverted they have placed rocks and vegetation to preserve the integrity of the slope.

Our stormwater inspectors make sure that throughout this process minimal amounts of pollutants enter the creek. They keep a close watch on the water as it passes through the site. It’s an exciting project to help keep our bridges strong while setting an example in how to preserve water quality.

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