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The CRACK, SEAT AND OVERLAY WITH RHMA AND HMA, AND REPLACE CULVERTS project is located on State Highway 101 in and near Geyserville, Sonoma County, CA.

The pavement and drainage structures in this section of roadway are in poor condition and require rehabilitation.

The project is approximately 439 acres with 27 acres of soil disturbance. Improvements include replacement and rehabilitation of culverts and other drainage structures, embankment reconstruction, ramp treatment, guardrail and curb ramp improvements, signage, and the addition of rumble strips. There are 25 cross culverts supporting potential waters of the U.S. (including wetlands) that are to be replaced, rehabilitated, or maintained.

The Project was determined to be a Risk Level 2 based on the high-risk receiving watershed. Receiving waters for this project include the Upper and Middle Russian River and Dry Creek.

Several permits are involved including...

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife Streambed Alteration Agreement

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers Non-Reporting Nationwide 404 Permit

  • California Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region 401 Water Quality Certification

The project is within or near habitat for the regulated species listed below:

  • Foothill Yellow-legged Frog

  • Western Pond Turtle

  • Nongame migratory birds (non-raptors and owls)

  • Raptors and Owls

  • Roosting Bats

The project includes the sensitive habitats listed below:

  • Riverine waters habitat

  • Wetland habitat

  • Riparian habitat

The project is scheduled to last 300 working days and is estimated to be completed in 2021.

O.C. Jones is the primary contractor and has done a great job keeping the site clean, winterizing before rain, and teaming up with their QSP Todd Pittman to stay compliant.

"Props to Luis Gomez with O.C. Jones for good teamwork" - Todd Pittman, QSP

Tully Consulting Group prepared the SWPPP, and are providing all Stormwater Inspections, Rain Event Action Plans (REAPs), Sampling, Annual Reports, and other SWPPP-related tasks and documents for the project.

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