• Mae McGuire


Project Owner: Merced County

Contractor: Teichert Construction

Stormwater Inspections: Tully Consulting Group

This project is located in Merced from Coffee Street to Yosemite Avenue, a little less than 3 miles east of State Route 99. A new expressway known as Campus Parkway will connect State Routes 99 & 140, as well as the UC Merced campus. This is the third and final segment of this project, which will complete the south-eastern section of the Merced Loop System. The goal of the Merced Loop System is to improve accessibility for the city of Merced, and connect all Merced communities with one another, as well as the nearby city of Atwater (Merced County).

Construction includes bridge replacements over Bear Creek, Hartley Lateral canal, and Merced Lateral Canal. Culverts will be extended, drainage ditches will be filled, a bridge will be built, and intersections will be improved. Because there are no high risk receiving waters in this region of Merced, the project is evaluated to be Risk Level 1.

Parts of the expressway will be designed slightly differently depending on future development plans for the surrounding area. For example, a dual-purpose sidewalk and bike path are to be installed near the residential areas of Coffee Street and Childs Avenue. Other areas will feature traffic circles, and minimal on/off-ramps to ensure efficient and direct transportation routes. However, expressway sections that are near land reserved for commercial or agricultural development will have access points installed for easy entry into those zones (Bellevue Community Plan).

This project is designed to fit the needs of UC Merced, the City of Merced, and Merced County. Once complete, one more piece of Merced's transportation puzzle will be solved!

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