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Updated: May 27

Project Owner: Caltrans, District 3

Contractor: Myers & Sons Construction, LLC

SWPPP, Diversion Plan, Dewatering Plan, & Stormwater Inspections: Tully Consulting Group

This project is located on State Route 80 at the Atlantic Street On-Ramp in Roseville. Miners Ravine Bridge will be demolished and replaced, while the west-bound on-ramp to 80 will be widened. Work is projected to be complete by the end of 2022. This project involves working within Miner's Ravine Creek— special measures have to be taken to ensure water quality compliance at this site to comply with 401/404 and other related permits.

Such measures include implementing a Diversion and Dewatering Plan. The Diversion Plan outlines a temporary creek diversion system that will be used when the contractor works within the high watermark. The goal of the temporary creek diversion system is to divert the creek around the work area to allow construction crews to work in the creek bed.

This site also has a separate Dewatering Plan specifically for dewatering isolation casings used for pile driving temporary falsework. Isolation casings are temporary cylindrical structures that will be inserted deep into the creek bed to help protect fish from the pile driving process and provide a vertical cofferdam for work access. After they're installed, water is pumped out of the isolation casings so that structural support pillars can be installed in their place.

All of this meticulous planning will give way to a brand new bridge that will be wider than the existing Miners Ravine Bridge by a total of 24 feet. Brooke Torres, this site's project engineer, has been a great point of contact for all of the SWPPP and Diversion/Dewatering Plan coordination. We are pleased to work with Myers & Sons once again!

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