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Updated: Mar 31

Got some Annual Reports for a project that you need to do? The deadline for all Annual Reports to be submitted and certified in California SMARTS is September 1st. And, we are here to help. See the post below, so that we can expedite the process of assisting you with your Annual Report(s).

Note: If you have hired Tully Group to perform your inspections, you will not need to worry about this as we have either already completed your Annual Reports, or are in the process of finishing them. To ask for an update please feel free to email

Annual Reports can be tricky if you're not sure what to do, we can help by assisting you throughout the process.

1 - The first thing that we need to clarify is what kind of project you have.

Specifically, we need to know if this is a Caltrans project, a District Four Caltrans, an Industrial SWPPP, a Risk Level 1, 2, or 3 SWPPP, and so on. Knowing this will help us decide on what forms we need to help you complete.

Note: Caltrans projects are due to Resident Engineer's by July 15th

2 - Next, we need some Stormwater Records from you

The time frame that we have to get records for is from July 1st to June 30th. The records we need will vary based on what type of site you have.

Essentially what we need to know is what corrective actions took place, did any non-stormwater discharges occur, and if you sampled at the site, what were your results. It also helps if you can send us forecasts for the site.

  • If you have a SWPPP Risk Level 1, we will need all Inspection Records and Corrective Actions as well as Non-Stormwater Discharge Records (if any occured) from July 1st to June 30th.

  • If you have a SWPPP Risk Level 2 or 3, we will need all Inspection Records, Corrective Actions, Non-Stormwater Discharge Records (if any occured), REAPS, and Sampling Reports from July 1st to June 30th.

  • If you have a Caltrans SWPPP Risk Level 1 project, we will need all CEM 2023's, 2030's and 2035's from July 1st to June 30th.

  • If you have a Caltrans SWPPP Risk Level 2 or 3 project, we will need all CEM 2023's, 2030's, 2035's, 2045's, 2052's, 2061's, and 2062's from July 1st to June 30th.

If you have a project type that is not listed above, please contact for further guidance.

3 - The Inspector then needs to fill out the following form as best as they can

If we were not performing the inspections, your inspector will need to fill out the annual report questionnaire. Do your best to fill this out, and get in contact with us if you need help.

For Caltrans, please use this CEM 2075 form and this CEM 2070 form (requires Adobe to open forms)

For CASQA Risk Level 1, please use this form

For CASQA Risk Level 2, please use this form

For CASQA Risk Level 3, please use this form

Is the form needed for your project type not seen here? Send an email to

4 - Do you want to link us in SMARTS?

If you would like us to input the Annual Report in California SMARTS, we will need to have you link our account as the Data Entry Person: TullyGroup. That way we can assist you by getting the Report into SMARTS for it to then be certified by the owner.

If not, we can email you a hard copy of the completed form. From there you can enter it into SMARTS if you are linked to the project, or pass it along to the project owner for entry into SMARTS.

5 - Once you have acquired the items listed above, get in contact with us

Now that everything is ready we can assemble your Annual Report by the September 1st deadline. Just make sure to give us at least two weeks after sending us the above information, so that we can get the Annual Report either uploaded in SMARTS, or email you a hard copy. Reminder, we need to give the Project Owner plenty of time to certify the Report by September 1st.

Please send all of this information to

Together we will help get this Annual Report off of your to-do list.

Have any questions? Call (707) 693-1926 to speak to a member of our team

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