Annual Reporting Matrix

Updated: Mar 31

It feels like yesterday that it was raining cats and dogs, oh wait... it still is and it's the middle of May. Any who, we are gearing up for Annual Reports to provide public record of stormwater management on your site, and wanted to give everyone the run down of what's to come.

Each year, the California Water Board asks all construction sites with the following criteria to submit an Annual Report...

  1. Under the California Stormwater Construction General Permit

  2. Over 1 Acre of Soil Disturbance

  3. 3+ months of continuous Construction within the Reporting Year

What is the reporting year? July 1st, 2018 to June 30th, 2019

When are Annual Reports due? September 1st, 2019

What is required of my site? See our nifty Annual Report Matrix below

Annual Report Matrix


  • The CEM 2070 for Caltrans Projects is not technically a part of the Annual Report, but we like to send out it with our Annual Reports since we do have to do this annually anyway.

  • CASQA WPCP's are not subject to the Annual Report requirements.

  • Grey boxes denote tasks that do not need to be completed for that project type.

  • All projects need to have their Annual Reports submitted and certified by September 1st, 2019; however, we aim to complete Caltrans District 4 projects by July 1st, other Caltrans projects by July 15th, and CASQA projects by August 15th.

So, what part of this process do we need you to do on your end? Well, not much if you have hired us to provide Inspections. For those clients who we are providing inspections for- after we have submitted any Adhocs, Corrective Actions, and Annual Report forms we will need the LRP for your project to certify everything in SMARTS. If we do not provide your inspections, we will need more information from you (see this blog post for more info).

Want our help with your Annual Reports? Send us an email at, and we can get you set up.

Any more questions? See our blog post from last year with more information > click here

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