A Decade Recap - Message from the President of Tully Group

Updated: Mar 31

Dear valued clients;

I was asked by my daughter and team member, Kaeli Tully, to reflect back on this past decade and write a Message from the President. This has actually taken me some time to think about. How do I sum up 10 years in a short letter? So much has changed here, but then again, some very good core things remain the same.

In the early years after college during a job interview, I was asked what goals I had for my career. Without hesitation, I said, "to be a leader in the field of Stormwater Quality". I wanted to help find ways to be sustainable in civil engineering and stormwater management and design. That was 17 years ago. I still have this goal for myself and our company, but it is more than that. I want to help people comply with the regulations in a reasonable manner. If we overspend on items that don't make sense, then the dollars won't be there for the things that really matter for environmental protection.

Some changes to reflect on in the last 10 years:

We have grown from an office of 1 to now 28 people and 9 fleet vehicles. We have focused on training for our staff and clients. We strive for good communication and professionalism in our work. I feel surrounded by a motivated team of like-minded professionals. We are feeling all more excited and proud of the work we do and that is getting contagious with our friends, family members, community and clients.

We have seen great growth in compliance not only in how Best Management Practices (BMPs) are implemented in stormwater but also innovations in the types of BMPs available such as erosion and sediment control options like compost socks, Bonded Fiber Matrix hydraulic mulch and various innovative inlet filter devices. We are seeing innovations in more natural post-construction stormwater treatment devices like the preservation of open space and the use of bioswales and created wetlands. Overall we are seeing better compliance for stormwater pollution prevention. This also includes a better understanding, awareness, and appreciation for the environment and water quality.

We are starting to see some of the real impacts of climate change such as changing weather patterns and more intense and unpredictable storm events. We are also seeing longer periods of drought and sometimes quick bursts of high rainfall or snowfall followed again by a long spell of dry conditions. This will present challenges in our near future for how to manage construction sites and erosion control for these changing patterns such as the timing and best application of Hydroseeding or other erosion control methods.

We have been fortunate to have seen a wide range of cool projects, such as a fish ladder, levee enhancements, a diverging diamond interchange, a truck climbing lane, a bridge raising project, pipelines through rugged terrain, bridges over sensitive waterways, innovative buildings and parking structures, animal shelters, parks, schools, dog parks, Creek restorations, and major highway improvements. It has only expanded our interest in complicated and unique projects as we are ready for the challenge more than ever.

What has not changed; my drive for work. I wake up most mornings with readiness for work and excitement for the projects and industry advancements to come. With the pace of business in California these days, it feels like we've gone far and fast in a short amount of time and I wondered if perhaps the crazy ride was slowing down. But, now I'm thinking, not yet. We are actually just picking up steam.

Thank you to our wonderful staff and clients for your support and friendship. I hope this continues for a long time.

Robin Tully

President of Tully Consulting Group

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