Are you looking for a way to combine a passion for the environment with a career? 

We are a Stormwater Management and Civil Engineering firm that can help you do just that! Our industry pulls from the fields of Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Geology, and Biology. As Stormwater Managers, we help construction sites comply with the California Construction General Permit which outlines the Stormwater Management practices that sites should follow. 

Stormwater Pollution is the #1 source of water pollution. As rain or snowmelt flows over impervious surfaces it can collect and concentrate pollutants, then carry them downstream to vulnerable water bodies. Construction processes can be pretty harmful to the environment since they can be a huge source of pollutants--so we specialize in diminishing Stormwater Pollution as it relates to construction. 

We visit our clients' construction sites weekly (and daily when it rains) to make sure that the site is properly prepared to prevent exposure to pollutants. When applicable, we sample and test water to make sure it is in compliance with pH, turbidity, and other requirements outlined in the California Construction General Permit. We also monitor erosion on site and recommend preventative measures to inhibit its detrimental effects. During the Winter, our Interns assist Inspectors with this work, in addition to helping draft Water Pollution Control Plans.


In the Summer our Interns are involved with another kind of water quality protection: In-Water Work. This Stormwater Management practice is important for when our clients work in or near a creek or water body. For In-Water Work, our Interns will be out in the field during the hours of construction to monitor the site's progression and ensure water quality is not impacted. In-Water Work also involves collecting and testing water samples for pollutants as dictated by the permit.

All in all, we work to minimize the impact of construction-related activities on the environment.

Our Interns

Several Interns with varied backgrounds have worked with Tully Consulting Group over the years. While our biggest influx of Interns seek work during the Summer months, we also hire throughout the school year for those with an applicable schedule. We have had Interns from UC Davis, Cal Poly SLO, Sacramento State, Solano Community College, Woodland Community College, Chico State, and more. Most of our Interns study Civil Engineering or Environmental Science, but we really are a diverse office with majors in Construction Management, Sociology, Kinesiology, Physiology, Psychology, Mathematics, etc.

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